Rescue SD “Memory Card Locked”

Are you facing trouble because of SD card error? Do not get frustrated!! because here you will get the exact solution on the same. It is proven that memory card plays very important role when it comes for storing data from different multimedia devices. SD card is the most popular memory card which allows storing of different files in reliable manner. It allows easy accessibility and reliability of files. But despite all its functionalities sometimes you would have to face unexpected scenario in it wherein you may see “memory card locked”. As a result you couldn’t able to perform any task related to memory card and it would create inaccessibility to stored data. So you should resolve memory card locked as early as possible.



Probable Causes Behind This Error

  • Due to wrong formatting of memory card.
  • Because of improper adjustment of card.
  • Due to device incompatibility.
  • When using same SD card in different device.
  • Virus attack.
  • Device mishandling etc.

Any of these above causes would lead to this error. But the good news is that it is possible to overcome from this erroneous condition.

How to Fix Memory Card Error

Well, after the receiving error in memory card many of us might wondered on how to get rid of it. Fortunately you can resolve the error. In order to resolving you can try to flick up little switch which is present in the card side. But if the problem still persist then format the card. Formatting may lead you to data loss. The situation becomes more complicated if there is no proper backup of data. Under such critical condition Memory Card Recovery Software comes to rescue. It is an eminent third party program which restores every type of missing file from memory card. Its sophisticated scan algorithm resolves all kind corruption in memory card as well. So fix memory card error with this remarkable tool.

Guidelines for Resolving Memory Card Error

Step 1 : Download & install Memory Card Recovery Software.

resolve memory card locked

Step 2 : Select the volume to be repaired after connecting device.

resolve memory card locked

Step 3 : Choose the file types and click start scan button.

resolve memory card locked

Step 4 : Wait the until the scan completes.

resolve memory card locked

Step 5 : You can see scan results through preview.

resolve memory card locked

Step 6 : At last choose the location for storing of recovered items.

resolve memory card locked                                                                      


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