Lexar Memory Card Recovery: Rescue JPEG Images With the Ease

Lexar memory card is quite famous secondary storage device used in almost every digital camera and mobile phones in order to store captured JPEG images with high resolution. It is available in different variant such as SD, Micro SD, SDHC etc to meet different types of requirement of professional as well as novice camera user. No doubt it is good alternate to keep your precious JPEG files safe but sometimes it also get damaged or corrupted due to some reason. Which results in photo loss and if it happens with you then you will be frustrated for sure and look for instant Lexar memory card recovery. If you are looking for JPEG image recovery with the ease then you must follow the below given information because after through study you will be able to perform deleted photo recovery from Lexar memory card.

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Possible Circumstances in Which Photos Can be Lost

  • Accidental deletion is very common reason.
  • Severe malware infection.
  • Unintentional formatting of Lexar memory card.
  • Due to modification in file system.
  • When Card get damaged either logically or physically.
  • Frequent power cut etc.

These are few common reasons of photo loss from Lexar memory card, but whatever be the cause, you can definitely retrieve lost photos, video files from memory card in hassle free manner. If you want to recover corrupted memory card data then you updated backup should be used. When there is no backup then Using Photo Recovery Software is good strategy.

Best Way to Rescue JPEG Images from Lexar Memory Card

In order to complete Lexar memory card recovery or to rescue deleted or lost JPEG images, it is advised to opt for Photo Recovery Software. It is able to perform JPEG recovery from formated memory card. In order to produce desired and effective result, it uses strong scanning algorithm to scan your memory card completely and detect lost JPG files easily. After that it also generate preview of recoverable files and ask you to save them at your desired location. Apart from Lexar memory card recovery, it can also restore missing photos from emptied trash in its original format. Using the tool you can also get back lost or inaccessible audio, video and other multimedia files in hassle free manner. Photo Recovery Software can be easily accessed by professional as well as non technical user since it has user friendly GUI for smooth navigation. Therefore it is recommended to opt for the tool and get back memory card photos in no time without losing single bit of information.

User Guide for Lexar Memory card Recovery

Step 1. Download and Install Photo Recovery Software on your system and then connect your device it. After that launch the tool and get Start Scan option.

Step 2. Here you have to select your drive from where JPEG recovery is needed and then select Start Scan button.

Step 3. In this step you can see preview of recovered files.

Step 4. Here you have to select specific region for your storage drive.

Step 5. Now you should choose required file type for recovery.

Step 6. In this step you can create sector by sector image for your media.

Step 7. Now you have to choose required range for your selected media.

Step 8. In this step restart Recovery process from last point.

Step 9. At last restore all files at your desired location by pressing Recover button.

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