How to Rescue Formatted Memory Card Data

Have you got annoyed due to unresponsive behavior of your memory card? Unable to find any proper way to get rid of it? Well, then don’t be panic! There are better possibilities of recouping back the lost information from the memory card. Well, in such situation it has been commonly seen that users might go for formatting option. Although, it is a good recursive method to move all infected or corrugated files into the trash. But, on the same side there are also some demerits of performing the formatting option. The most troublesome problem is the loss of stored information from the storage media. Now, at this juncture a common question arises that what are the way to rescue formatted memory card data? Have the data gets permanently deleted after the formatting action? So, if you are also the one who wants to know about the answer to such questions then you are definitely at the right place.



There is a common faith that, once the stored data gets formatted or deleted then it can’t be recovered back. The whole of the information get tossed out of the storage media, which is totally false. If you are also the one who have the same myth, then its time to clarify your doubt first. Well, the truth is whenever the storage media gets formatted or the stored data gets deleted accidentally, then it don’t mean it gets permanently deleted but the fact is that it still remains on the internal file system of the storage media. Only, it get hidden from the normal users. So, in case you have formatted your storage media, then don’t be panic as you can easily be able to recover formatted memory card data. But, for this users have to take help of an effective and powerful SD card photo recovery software.

SD Card Photo Recovery Software: An Ultimate Solution to Formatted Data Files

SD card photo recovery software is really an effective and reliable tool that has been well developed by the experience developers. Its advance recovery procedure can easily and simply retrieve lost memory card data. Apart from that, the tool also generates the log report of recovered data files, which can be used for the further reference. So, don’t waste your precious time any more! If you really want to rescue SD card data.

Steps to Rescue Formatted Memory Card Data

Step 1. Download and install SD card photo recovery software and connect the memory card to your PC.

Step 2. Select the flash drive and then click on Start scan button.

Step 3. After that select the file that become unresponsive and re-click on start scan button.

Step 4. Now, see the preview of on going process.

Step 5. After that, all the recovered images get stored in different folders according to their category.

Step 6. Finally, select the location to save the recovered photos.



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